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Check my gallery and leave a comment please =)

My fandoms:
- Tokyo Mew Mew
- Naruto
- Sailor Moon
- Angel's Friends
- Winx
- Sonic The Hedgehog (check my Sonic account EleanorDevil-Sonic)
- Avatar: The Last Airbender

Random Favourites

deviation in storage by MangaMagix
deviation in storage by MangaMagix
deviation in storage by MangaMagix
The best works ^^


The red haired mermaid swam to the surface while holding the unconscious, and heavy, body of the stranger in her arms. She didn’t know who he was but she wasn’t going to let him drown in “her” waters.

As soon as she came to surface, Ariel made sure to leave the stranger’s face out of the water as well, he wasn’t a merman or anything fish-related so she was sure that he couldn’t breathe underwater, let alone completely knocked out like he was -Don’t worry- she whispered -I will get you out of here.- and so she swam, fast, to the beach’s shore. If luck was on her side, someone would be having a morning walk nearby.


-OVER HERE!- Ariel yelled while waving frantically her arms towards the couple -Snow!- she tried to get the couple’s attention.

Mary Margaret’s eyes left her son the moment she heard someone call her and looking up she saw Ariel, in her human form, on her knees, waving her arms in the air. The former princess frowned -David. Is that Ariel…?-

Her husband followed her sight -And she is not alone…-


-He had a pretty bad injury in his head.- said Dr.Whale while looking at the now awake, mysterious, patient who was in deep silence, looking at one of the room’s white walls -The scars on his left eye and chest aren’t recent though, they actually are healed wounds by now. Probably have a couple of years.-


The Fire Lord is lost in an unknown land…


-Hey…- the blonde girl approached the brown haired man, sitting down by the end of the bed. The stranger looked at her, a clearly confused look in his amber eyes, though his left eye remained in its constant glare -I’m Emma. I am the Sheriff of this town. I know you are probably tired but for now I need to know your name…so I can help you.-

The scarred boy blinked for a moment before opening his mouth to answer…but then he closed it and a hand moved to his forehead, the confused look returned to his features -I…- he spoke for the first time -I don’t…I don’t know…I can’t…remember…-


And he has lost all of his memories…


-I tried to heal him- said Emma -Using my powers…but something’s wrong, it was like something kept me out of his mind, like…-

-Like there is a lock in his head- completed the former Evil Queen -If it is that, then it only means one thing-

-….He doesn’t want to remember-


-Is that it then…? The kiss..what we had..meant absolutely nothing to you…?-


-Your silence says it…I was experiment then-


She felt her body being shielded by his, his arms wrapped around her. She watched in horror as the rock hit him in the head instead of her. Knocking him unconscious.



-We will help you get your memories back and figure out where you came from.-


-I love you…-




Locked Memories by Eleanor-Devil

Coming up this Summer
Locked Memories - Trailer
My up coming fanfic this summer

It's a crossover between Avatar: The Last Airbender and Once Upon A Time

Here I leave you the "trailer" of the fanfic, I hope you like it!

Please leave a comment with your thoughts, it's really appreciated and motivates me into continuing it.
ATLA Believe Posters: Katara by Eleanor-Devil
ATLA Believe Posters: Katara
Inspired by the OUAT season 3 "Believe" posters…

"Believe that a single girl will never turn her back on people in need" is the phrase I choose for Katara, I couldn't think of anything else for her besides her remarkable phrase "I will never, ever turn my back on people who need me!"

Next is Sokka with whom I am also having trouble finding a phrase

Background --> found on google, if anyone knows the original source please tell me
Katara (c) Bryke
ATLA Believe Posters: Zuko by Eleanor-Devil
ATLA Believe Posters: Zuko
Inspired by the OUAT season 3 "Believe" posters…

"Believe that a banished prince is free to determine his own destiny" is the phrase I choose for Zuko, at the beginning I was going for 'Believe that one is free to determine his own destiny' but then looking at the OUAT posters, I realized that the phrases were specifically talking about the character in the poster and not just in general so I went for the second option.

I can't choose a phrase for Katara, I thought of 'Believe that a single girl will never turn her back on people in need' but I'm not sure...suggestions?

Background --> found on google, if anyone knows the original source please tell me
Zuko (c) Bryke
Mythix Wings Adoptable by Eleanor-Devil
Mythix Wings Adoptable
I'm selling the Mythix stuff  I have from my OC, Iris since I've bought new things for her

Costs 200 :points:

Once you've bought them:
- I will send you a png without  the watermark
- You may change the colors but NOT the shape!
Winx Palette Adoptable (2 LEFT!!) by Eleanor-Devil
Winx Palette Adoptable (2 LEFT!!)
Winx Palette Adoptable

Once you buy the adoptable, I will send you a note with the stash file of the palette.

10 :points: each

1. HybridCatgirl995
2. YumeHimura
3. happy-mood
5. SassyFlower
6. ShugoCharaDiamond
7. SassyFlower
8. SassyFlower

Base (c) WinxFandom


Eleanor-Devil's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art
:iconpointcommissionsopen: :iconnorequests: :icongiftsfriendsonly:

List and Prices ---->…

 photo AF Fan_zpsnhdgwhc1.png

 photo Banner2_zps821c086a.jpg

KisshuxIchigo stamp by MooFrog44 TMM: Kisshu x Ichigo by Before-I-Sleep Kisshu Stamp by lovenotwarcraft Kisshu :: Stamp by Ilya-san ANIMATED STAMP:SUPPORT TS by r-h-e-a-x Sulfus and Raf by kaorinyaplz Raf and Sulfus by kaorinyaplz Sulfus Fan Stamp 2 by kaorinyaplz Raf and Sulfus by kaorinyaplz Stamp bonus:Raf and Sulfus Fan by KaoriMirai Stamp: Raf Fan by KaoriMirai Stamp: Sulfus Fan by KaoriMirai Stamp: Devils fan by KaoriMirai Super Sonic Stamp by animeroxygirl Amy Stamp by Zoeyxlovex SonAmy Gaze Stamp by Vertekins sTAMP.:i love episode 52:. by xXLovelyRose95Xx SonAmy Stamp by sonamy-fans Sonamy Lover - Stamp by darkhyliangirl Stamp.:Sonamy...Sonic Boom:. by xXLovelyRose95Xx sTAMP.:i love episode 52:. by xXLovelyRose95Xx TailsxCosmo Stamp by DEIDARA7CHAN Sonamy is my OTP by Chili-DogLove Stamp.:Sonic X Fan:. by xXLovelyRose95Xx
Anti-Matsuri STAMP by Kharizmo antimatsugaa stamp by HateMatsuriFC + Gaara stamp I + by stamps-account Flashing Gaara Stamp by FANGIE-CHAN
Hinata Flashing Stampy :D by FANGIE-CHAN Naruhina MY OTPP by SakamakiJustine Stamp: Gaanaru by Endless-Rainfall Suna Siblings Stamp by SabakuNoHeeromai Stamp: Sandsibs Fan by sirbartonslady Kankuro Da Man Club Stamp by Ariel-D

My Sonic Art account x3: :iconeleanordevil-sonic:


Winx - Fanfic Covers
The First Jewel by Eleanor-Devil
Broken Hearts by Eleanor-Devil
We're the Sweetix Club by Eleanor-Devil
Until 3 characters only + 2 :points: per additional character
Winx - 3D
Gift - Rosi 3D by Eleanor-Devil
Gift - Ciara 3D by Eleanor-Devil
Iris Victoryx 3D by Eleanor-Devil
 Winx OC in 3D
Winx - Screenshots
CE - 'Let's get this done, girls!' by Eleanor-Devil
Saving my little sister by Eleanor-Devil
Captured by Eleanor-Devil
Iris' Sirenix Wish by Eleanor-Devil
30 :points: + 5 per additional character
Winx - Casual (Any Season)
Diana - Casual Season 1 by Eleanor-Devil
Iris - Casual S2-S3 by Eleanor-Devil
Iris - Back to School S2 by Eleanor-Devil
Season 1 - 20 :points:
Season 2/3 - 30 :points:
Season 4 - 40 :points:
Season 5 - 50 :points:
Gem Fly
Raf - Gem Fly by Eleanor-Devil
Dolce - Gem Fly by Eleanor-Devil
Kabale - Gem Fly by Eleanor-Devil
Cabiria - Gem Fly by Eleanor-Devil
Urie - Gem Fly by Eleanor-Devil
Sulfus - Gem Fly by Eleanor-Devil
My fan transformation Gem Fly
Mermaid Fly
PC - Marcey Mermaid Fly by Eleanor-Devil
Comission - Dawn Mermaid Fly by Eleanor-Devil
Point Comission - Martha Mermaid Fly by Eleanor-Devil
Comission - Kateryna Mermaid Fly by Eleanor-Devil
Comission - Nelphie Mermaid Fly by Eleanor-Devil
Comission - Onyx Mermaid Fly by Eleanor-Devil
My fan transformation Mermaid Fly
Angel's Friends - Eternal Form
AF Third Gen - Lilian by Eleanor-Devil
AF Third Gen - Ace by Eleanor-Devil
AF Third Gen - Anastasia by Eleanor-Devil
AF Third Gen - Leo by Eleanor-Devil
Lia New Clothes by Eleanor-Devil
Your AF OC in his/her Eternal form
Angel's Friends - Human Form
Lia - Human by Eleanor-Devil
Seraphic - Human by Eleanor-Devil
Melody - Human by Eleanor-Devil
Your AF OC in his/her Earthly One/Human form
Earth Protector
Cabiria - Earth Protector by Eleanor-Devil
Sulfus - Earth Protector by Eleanor-Devil
Dolce - Earth Protector by Eleanor-Devil
Urie - Earth Protector by Eleanor-Devil
Raf - Earth Protector by Eleanor-Devil
Miki - Earth Protector by Eleanor-Devil
Your character dressed in the Earth Protectors outfit.
- Your character must be apart of the Earth Protectors organization
- I must have a reference of your character
- You have to tell me if your character in the future remains an eternal or becomes a human 
- You must tell me your character's Prisma Fly color or main color
Angel's Friends 3D
1st Place - Prize 1 by Eleanor-Devil
Dolce 3D by Eleanor-Devil
Kabale 3D by Eleanor-Devil
Your Angel's Friends OC in 3D

Reminder for Dreamix Challenge! (11 hours left!)

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 23, 2015, 5:39 AM

A small reminder to those who want to join the challenge or still have to deliver their certificates

Certificates delivery: 31 January!

If you want to join but don't know how follow the steps:
- Join the group :icondreamix-challenges:
- Comment here or in another Dreamix member's journal or in the group's journal and write the name of your character and her power
- Fill the certificate that can be found in the group's 'Featured' folder
- Send your certificate to the 'Certificates' folder of the group

Any questions about the contest feel free to contact one of the members of the Dreamix Club:


Eleanor-Devil has started a donation pool!
647 / 4,795
I would like to try to upgrade my AngelsFriendsGroup to a Super Group :3

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