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Check my gallery and leave a comment please =)

My fandoms:
- Tokyo Mew Mew
- Naruto
- Sailor Moon
- Angel's Friends
- Winx
- Sonic The Hedgehog (check my Sonic account EleanorDevil-Sonic)
- Avatar: The Last Airbender

Random Favourites

The best works ^^


[28/04/16] :new: Added the option of Simple Animation!

I reaaaaaally need more points ;w; so I have decided to open comissions 

These are the styles/fandoms I'm doing:

- Naruto
- Miraculous Ladybug
- Sonic
- Tokyo Mew Mew
- Avatar The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra
- Winx Club
- Angel's Friends

Character Designs

A) Character (Main outfit)

Type 1)
Contest Prize I - Oberatsu Hiro Design by Eleanor-DevilContest Prize III - Naruto Elder Design by Eleanor-DevilAvatar - Water Tribe Adoptable - SOLD by Eleanor-DevilTokyo Crystal Mew - Mew Pearl by Eleanor-Devil
Simple full body

Type 2)

PC - Uchiha Kinomoto Design by Eleanor-Devil
Full body + details of specific parts of the outfit

900 :points:

B) Character Sheet 

Type 1)

Melody Character Design 1 by Eleanor-Devil 
Front, Side (Left or Right is up to you) and back + one or two specific details (of your choice) + Palette Sheet

Type 2)
Naruto OC: Saruwatari Naomi (11-14 yrs - Genin) by Eleanor-DevilNaruto OC: Saruwatari Naomi (5-10 yrs) by Eleanor-Devil
Front, Side (left or right is up to you) and back OR Front and back only

+ one or two details (of choice) + height comparison to another character (canon or oc, of your choice) + Face close up (Front and side) and two expressions (of your choice)

Type 3) 
NNG - Sabaku no Momoko Teen Settei by Eleanor-Devil
Younger version (baby, child, etc..of your choice) + Front, side (left or right is up to you) and back of main outfit + Front and back of another outfit of your choice

800 :points:

C) Wardrobe

Naomi Saruwatari - Childhood Outfits by Eleanor-DevilNaomi Saruwatari - Pre-Shippuden Outfits by Eleanor-DevilMitsuki - Outfit Guide by Eleanor-Devil
400 :points: (5 outfits)
800 :points: (10 outfits)
1200 :points: (15 outfits)

D) Face shots

Request nr.1 - Rika by Eleanor-DevilRequest nr.3 - Sora by Eleanor-DevilRequest nr.4 - Hachiru by Eleanor-Devil
500 :points:

E) Simple Animation (Eyes blinking, smile, lips moving)
Ohayo - Naomi Icon Animation by Eleanor-Devil
+ 100 (added to the type of comission you want)

Couples/Duo Group

A) Lineart
Comission type 1 by Eleanor-DevilComission type by Eleanor-DevilJust relaxing lineart by Eleanor-DevilKankuNao lineart example by Eleanor-Devil

Half-Body - 500 :points:
Full Body - 600 :points:
Chibi - 500 :points:
Headshot - 400 :points:

B) Colored with shading with or without simple background
Zutara Week '15, Day 6 - Integrity by Eleanor-Devil Valentines - Rose in the Desert by Eleanor-DevilMiNatsu - Relaxing in Suna by Eleanor-DevilKankuNao Headshot by Eleanor-Devil

Half-Body - 650 :points:
Full Body - 750 :points:
Chibi - 650 :points:
Headshot - 550 :points:

C) Colored with no shading with or without simple background
Zutara - The Notebook Headcanon by Eleanor-Devil Zutara - Braiding hair by Eleanor-DevilJust relaxing simple by Eleanor-DevilKankuNao no shadows by Eleanor-Devil

Half-Body - 600 :points:
Full Body - 700 :points:
Chibi - 600 :points:
Headshot - 500 :points:

D) Manga style
Zutara Integrity Manga by Eleanor-DevilNatSuki - Manga Page by Eleanor-DevilKankuNao manga example by Eleanor-Devil

Half-Body - 750 :points:
Full Body - 850 :points:
Chibi - 750 :points:
Headshot - 650 :points:

E) Manga Page (with text and effects)

MiNatsu - Fall by Eleanor-DevilMiNatsu - 'Touch her again...and you're dead!' by Eleanor-Devil
1 vignette - 600 :points:

MiNatsu - Who are you...? by Eleanor-Devil

2 vignettes - 700 
+ 100 for each additional vignette (3 or more)

+100 :points: per extra character (3rd character, etc.../max.3/4 characters on each picture)

F) Simple Animation (Eyes moving, lips, etc..)
BoruMitsu Animation - Preview by Eleanor-Devil

+ 300 (added to the type of comission you want)

Important Note: Chibi Styles!

Style 1
Contest Prize II - Chibi Akizakura by Eleanor-Devil

Style 2
Contest Prize 2/2 - Chibi Caleigh by Eleanor-Devil

Style 3
Valentines - Rose in the Desert by Eleanor-Devil

Style 4
Zutara - Braiding hair by Eleanor-Devil

Screenshots/Fanfic Illustrations/Fanfic Covers

Sacrifices - You really think...Illustration by Eleanor-DevilSacrifices - Defending a friend Illustration by Eleanor-DevilSacrifices - Cover by Eleanor-DevilSacrifices - Do you want him to die?! by Eleanor-Devil

Max. 3/4 characters 

850 :points:, background included (50 :points: per extra character)

What I won't do:
- Hentai
- Furries
- Mecha/etc

I accept:
- Canon x Canon
- Canon x OC
- OC x OC

If you wish a comission then send me a note or through a comment on this journal with the following information:
1. Fandom
2. Type
3. Headshot or Half-Body or Chibi or Full Body 
4. Description
5. References

Note: Please do not rush me, I take my time to make a good work come out so please be patient!

BoruMitsu Animation - Preview
Not finished yet and needs some adjusts XD but here is just a little preview :) 
BORUTO | Natsumi Settei by Eleanor-Devil
BORUTO | Natsumi Settei
My baby girl's settei for Boruto: Naruto The Movie :D unfortunatelly I am not satisfied with the profile side...I still suck at it <_< need to keep practicing


Now some info: 

Name: Natsumi
- Epilogue: 6-7
- Boruto the movie: 10
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Blood Type: B
- Epilogue: 115 cm/3'7
- Boruto the movie: 145 cm/4'7
- Epilogue: 22 kg/48 lb
- Boruto the movie: 32 kg/70 lb
Personality: Stubborn, determined, friendly, caring, childish, competitive, absolutely hates to fail, kind-hearted, sometimes a bit naive, sensitive
Hair color: Pink
Eye color: Brown
Skin color: Fair

Family and friends:
Parents: Kankuro and Naomi (née Saruwatari)
Siblings: Naoki [older brother], Momoko [adoptive sister] and Aria [younger sister]
Other Family: Gaara [uncle], Ayumi (née Ishimaru) [aunt], Tsukiko [cousin], Eiji [cousin], Temari [aunt], Shikamaru [uncle], Shikadai [cousin], Shikayo [cousin], Mamiko Saruwatari [maternal grandmother], Shizue Saruwatari [maternal grandfather], Kaito Saruwatari [uncle]
Best Friend(s): Tsukiko
Friend(s): Boruto Uzumaki, Sarada Uchiha, Mitsuki, Inojin Yamanaka, Oniyuri
Crush: Mitsuki
Rival(s): Momoko
Enemies: Suna Rebels

Ninja Information:
Birth Village: Sunagakure
Rank: Academy Student
Weapon(s): Fan
Clan: Kazekage Clan, Saruwatari Clan (descendant)

Natsumi | Eleanor-Devil
Pose reference | Temari @ Studio Pierrot
MiNatsu - 'Touch her again...and you're dead!' by Eleanor-Devil
MiNatsu - 'Touch her again...and you're dead!'
More MiNatsu :love: 

Ok ok I know lately all my MiNatsu pictures have been about Mitsuki rescuing Natsumi and I'm AWARE that can look like she's constantly a damnsel in distress but I promise you that she's not! She's a fighter! But I honestly just wanted an excuse to draw Mitsuki's Sage Mode with Natsumi and this is what came out (considering that it seems Mitsuki's sage mode is awakened due to strong emotions)

Natsumi (c) Eleanor-Devil
Mitsuki (c) Masashi Kishimoto


Eleanor-Devil's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art
:iconpointcommissionsopen: :iconnorequests: :icongiftsfriendsonly:

List and Prices ---->…

 photo AF Fan_zpsnhdgwhc1.png

 photo Banner2_zps821c086a.jpg

KisshuxIchigo stamp by MooFrog44 TMM: Kisshu x Ichigo by Before-I-Sleep Kisshu Stamp by lovenotwarcraft Kisshu :: Stamp by Ilya-san ANIMATED STAMP:SUPPORT TS by r-h-e-a-x Sulfus and Raf by kaorinyaplz Raf and Sulfus by kaorinyaplz Sulfus Fan Stamp 2 by kaorinyaplz Raf and Sulfus by kaorinyaplz Stamp bonus:Raf and Sulfus Fan by KaoriMirai Stamp: Raf Fan by KaoriMirai Stamp: Sulfus Fan by KaoriMirai Stamp: Devils fan by KaoriMirai Super Sonic Stamp by animeroxygirl Amy Stamp by Zoeyxlovex SonAmy Gaze Stamp by Vertekins sTAMP.:i love episode 52:. by xXLovelyRose95Xx SonAmy Stamp by sonamy-fans Sonamy Lover - Stamp by darkhyliangirl Stamp.:Sonamy...Sonic Boom:. by xXLovelyRose95Xx Sonamy is my OTP by Chili-DogLove Stamp.:Sonic X Fan:. by xXLovelyRose95Xx
Flashing Gaara Stamp by FANGIE-CHAN
Hinata Flashing Stampy :D by FANGIE-CHAN Naruhina MY OTPP by SakamakiJustine Stamp: Gaanaru by Endless-Rainfall Suna Siblings Stamp by SabakuNoHeeromai Stamp: Sandsibs Fan by sirbartonslady Kankuro Da Man Club Stamp by Ariel-D keithXnadja stamp by UmiHoshi SuiKa stamp by LalaMoped SaiIno - Stamp by Kaorulov ShikaTema Stamp by Shay-Sama OC x Canon stamp by LordPendragonOfCaria OC x Canon stamp by ARTic-Weather Sarada | Boruto: Naruto The Movie by JustYoungHeroes Naruto:Uzumaki family Stamp by SakamakiJustine
Jiraiya x Yoshie Support Stamp by Crimson-Kunoichi MiNatsu Stamp II by Eleanor-Devil MiNatsu Stamp by Eleanor-Devil OroIzu Stamp by Eleanor-Devil GaaAyu Stamp by Eleanor-Devil DaIri Stamp by Eleanor-Devil KankuNao Stamp by Eleanor-Devil

My Sonic Art account x3: :iconeleanordevil-sonic:


Manga Pages
MiNatsu - Fall by Eleanor-Devil
MiNatsu - Who are you...? by Eleanor-Devil
1 Vignette - 600 Points

2 Vignettes - 700 Points

+100 per other extra pages (3 or more)
+100 per extra character (max.3/4 characters)


Eleanor-Devil has started a donation pool!
1,777 / 4,795
I would like to try to upgrade my AngelsFriendsGroup to a Super Group :3

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