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I might use Paint Tool SAI for my upcoming comics/mangas but do any of you know a FREE and good software for Mangas/Comics? 

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Iris - All Season 1 Clothes by Eleanor-Devil
Iris - All Season 1 Clothes
So I decided to sum up all of Iris clothes, transformations and extras in one picture per season, so here is the first one, all of her Season 1 clothes.

Initially Iris also had a holiday/date dress however I decided to move it to her season 4 clothes. She also has got a bathrobe but I think that one wasn't needed to be included here ^^;.

Next is season 2. All of her transformations will also be summed up into one picture from Magic Sweetix to Butterflix, then I might also make an extra drawing with her non-official transformations, that is the transformations that she doesn't gain in her adventures (Bloomix and Mythix) but that on which I want to draw her anyway.

Note: Some of her clothes came from dress up games.

Please comment!

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Base (c) BrokenAmylee
Iris (c) Me

Sweetix Club Adventures

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 16, 2013, 12:03 PM
Well this is how I see the Sweetix adventures, if you have better ideas or don't agree with something go ahead and tell them!

:bulletpink:Season 1:bulletpink:

- Arrival to Alfea
- Iris, Rosie, Bright, Mari and Roe meet and later form the Sweetix Club
- Shopping around Magix and meeting the boys
- Bad meeting with Nixi, witch of darkness
- Nixi forms the Acix with the witches she meets: Hera, Bellatrix and Volcana
- School Dance, the girls are invited for a dance by the specialists
- Field Trip
- Miss Magix (some of the girls enter, others help with the clothes)
- Detention Party
- Final Battle

:bulletblue:Season 2:bulletblue:

- Return to school
- Bright is feelings really down because her parents divorced.
- Hena meets the girls and joins the club 
- Pijama Party
- The girls go on a trip around the forest and end up in the Pixie Village where they are welcomed. Later the girls bond with their respective pixies.
- Return of the witches + Lord Davamros
- Lord Davamros discovers that the Sweetix have the power he has been seeking for centuries and wants to capture them to use it. But to use it he must turn the 6 girls to the dark side.
- It's vacation time, the girls decide to follow Stella's suggestion and go to an island (similar to the Wildlands). 
- The girls can't get a moment of real peace with the specialists and are attacked by the Acix who were ordered to capture the six fairies.
- The Sweetix start earning their respective Charmix while trying to escape the witches:
  • Bright is the first one to win her Charmix. She is still angry at Liam after seeing him hanging out with his ex-girlfriend and looking very...close. While the two are getting firewood for the night, they are attacked by a monster sent by the Acix. After having a hard time agreeing with Liam's plan to trap the monster, Bright decides to trust him and wins her Charmix.
  • Hena is the second to win charmix, still unknown how she wins it.
  • Rosie is the third. She realizes and decides to accept her feelings for Alex even if it goes against the traditions of her homerealm.
  • Roe is the fourth. Still unknown how she wins it.
  • Iris is the fifth. She is caught in a trap of darkness set by the Acix witches, Iris hates darkness and loneliness for one of the main reasons is because her powers weaken even more. Iris manages to surpass her fear of darkness by remembering the lights of her life: her friends, her boyfriend, her family and achieves Charmix.
  • Mari is the sixth and last one to achieve Charmix. She decides to forgive her younger brother for always lying to her.
- The girls return from their vacations, finally having got time to relax after the witches attacks. The Sweetix wonder why Davamros wants to capture them but find no answer.

- Davamros explains to the Acix why he needs the girls, he needs their positive elements and turn them to dark in order to export the positive ones.

- Devastating situations start happening to the girls:
  • Iris and Bright have their hearts broken by their boyfriends; Iris because Daniel decides to break up with her due to listening to his parents' talk about how he should be with a girl from his planet and not from another; Bright because once again she sees Liam with his ex-girlfriend, only this time it's worse and she sees them kissing, she breaks up with him;
  • Rosie has another fight with Alex but this time it affects her more than ever; Alex ignored the fact that her friends were suffering due to his friends.
  • Hena recalls the moment the council of her planet banned her; 
  • Mari breaks up with Dean again due to him being always undecided about his feelings for her; 
  • Roe finds out that her father died because he didn't tell the people of Gearzya that his daughters went to Magix(forbidden to have any contact with anything magic). So Roe is the only twin who knows, and she thinks it's her fault that her father is dead.
- Alfea is attacked by the witches and Davamros with the intention of capturing the Sweetix once again.
- After a strong and hard battle, the Sweetix are captured
- Even though they tried to fight against it, the darkness in the girls hearts are too much due to the recent painful moments of their lives; the girls succumb to darkness and become the Dark Sweetix Club:
  • Iris' element of courage becomes weakness, her element was the "glue" of the group, becoming the opposite she causes the girls of the group to fight each other. She becomes the dark fairy of nightmares.
  • Bright's element of light becomes darkness, her element was what brought a smile to the group, becoming the opposite she causes the girls to be grumpy and rude. She becomes the dark fairy of darkness.
  • Rosie's element of love becomes hatred, her element was what made the girls understand the meaning of 'being loved', becoming the opposite she causes the girls to only know the meaning of 'hating'. She becomes the dark fairy of hate and rage.
  • Roe's element of knowledge becomes ignorance, her element was what made the girls come up with plans and strategies, becoming the opposite she causes the girls to never agree with each other's plans. She becomes the dark fairy of cyborgs.
  • Mari's element of happiness becomes sadness/rage, her element was what made the girls apprecciate the small things of life, such as nature and animals, becoming the opposite she causes the girls to not despise nature and wanting to destroy it. She becomes the dark fairy of wild animals.
  • Hena's element of purity becomes impurity, her element was what made the girls love and protect the purity of things, becoming the opposite she causes the girls to "love" to contaminate everything. She becomes basically what her twin sister is, the dark fairy/angel of bad luck.
- With the positive elements of the Sweetix, Davamros brings back to life his dead wife. He is later caught by the specialists who demand to know how to return the girls to normal, he says that he will tell them but in return they must let him and his wife flee. The specialists fake to agree and let Davamros go.
- After knowing how to bring back the girls, the specialists set a trap on Davamros and capture him.
- Each Sweetix girl fights against their closest person (most of them fight against their respective specialists), the boys are the last hope to bring them back
- The Sweetix return to normal and with them returning to normal, Davamros' wife goes back to the dead much to Davamros despair for he never got time to launch the 'eternity' spell which would made her imune to the Sweetix's change of souls.

:bulletyellow:Season 3:bulletyellow:

- Angelita, the fallen angel + the witches
- Angelita wants revenge on every magical being for her heart is broken due to a wizard who left her. She decides to attack Magix and then go to every planets to attack them.
- The girls return to school for their final year but soon enough the troubles arise.
- Angelita creates monsters and creatures, counting as well on the help of the Acix witches to attack the planets.
- Trouble in Gearzya, Roe gets her Enchantix after sacrificing her life for her twin sister, Ryleigh, from a mortal spell. The Sweetix meet Angelita for the first time, descovering her intentions of destroying the whole magical dimension.
- War in Kentren, Hena saves an orphan girl with whom she has been friends and gets her Enchantix
- Visit to Lucentis, Bright realizes the plans of her mother's boyfriend and his daughter's plans and tells her mother. Angelita gives powers to Duke Edmund and his daughter, Raven, after they are banished from Lucentis. 
- Trouble in Lucentis, Bright saves her mother from Duke Edmund's attacks and gets her Enchantix.
- Attack in Morpheus, Iris saves her little sister, Diana, from being smashed by a rock and gets her Enchantix
- Rosie visits her homerealm, Valent, for a special ceremony and is forced to be engaged to Valentine.
- Princess ball in Valent, Rosie gets hypnotized after drinking a poison given to Valentine's father by Hera, Rosie decides to leave the Sweetix Club
- The Sweetix realize Rosie is hypnotized, they call the specialists before the wedding starts, Alex breaks the spell and Rosie gets her Enchantix after saving her mother.
- Trouble in Nervaia, Mari gets her Enchantix after saving her family but unfortunatelly her father is killed.
- Disco Party in order to share up Renai
- After managing to stop Angelita's rage on every planet that she attacked, the Sweetix discover the reason behind the fallen angel's rage and decide to use it at their favor.
- Final Battle
- Rosie brings Angelita's past lover, Miguel, in order to finally fix things. He reveals to Angelita that he didn't leave her because he didn't love her anymore but because his family forced him to or they would kill her. Angelita decides to surrender and pay for the crimes she committed and tells Miguel to wait for her.

  1. First Movie:
  • Plot still yet to be decided...only thing decided is that the girls receive the letters inviting them to go study on a whole new school: Fairy Hill.

:bulletgreen:Season 4:bulletgreen:
- The girls arrive to Fairy Hill and start their lessons there to become stronger fairies.
- A few days later, Iris and Hena find a mysterious black haired girl, injured and wandering around the forest, the girl collapses and the two friends decide to bring her inside the building of Fairy Hill.
- The girl wakes up and presents herself as Princess Alexandra of Phoenixia (@ BrightEyesSunshine), the home realm of the Sacred Fire. Alex tells them that her homerealm was attacked by a man named Reuben, a fire user.
- The other girls meet Alex and present her to the headmistress of Fairy Hill, Talia. Talia thinks that it's too dangerous for Alex to remain here since for sure, Reuben will look for her in the magical dimension and so tells them to go to a hidden village in Japan, on Earth.
- The Sweetix and Alex leave immediately and discover that the hidden village knows about magic but all of them think of it as a negative thing and so they fear it.
- The girls decide to open the Magical Pet Shop in order to show to the villagers that not all magic is evil. Soon enough the villagers start getting more comfortable around magic and the girls get their Believix.
- The girls participate in the Cherry Blossom Festival.
- A month goes by and no signs of Reuben. But suddenly their pet shop is attacked by this evil man. Seeing that it's no longer safe for Alex to be on Earth, the Sweetix take Alex back to Fairy Hill and warn Talia about it who puts maxium security alert on the school.
- Soon enough Reuben finds Fairy Hill and attacks it. Alex fights him all alone but before he leaves, he gives Alex two things: a golden necklace with a coral gemstone and a golden phoenix shaped pendant.
- The Sweetix and Alex make up a plan to bring Reuben down once and for all.
- Final Battle: After a strong and hard battle, the Believix convergence between the Sweetix and Alex destroys Reuben, leaving a pile of ashes.
- Alex reunites with her family after a long search. Alex joins the Sweetix for Rosie's and Alex's wedding which occurs in the village of Japan where their adventures happened that year.

  1. Second Movie: The Revenge of the Element Siblings
  • Plot still yet to be decided...only thing decided is that the Sweetix will face Reuben's elemental "siblings", the ones he tried to release during the events of Season 4.

:bulletred:Season 5:bulletred:

- Somewhere in the magical dimension there is a lake covered with ice. That ice soon starts to break and wakes the sea witch, Poseidora and her daughters, from their eternal sleep.
- Poseidora is a powerful and feared sea witch that a long time ago was imprisoned on the ice lake of the magical dimension after attacking Earth with successive storms, tsunamis, water hurricanes and also after sinking Atlantis to the depts of the sea.
- In Fairy Hill, Talia is contacted by Faragonda and they have a video conference with every teacher  of all the schools of the Magical Dimension, releasing the new that Poseidora broke free from her prison. Because the Winx are on Earth facing Tritannus, Talia decides to send the Sweetix on this mission to stop Poseidora.
- The Sweetix are called and Talia tells them everything about Poseidora and her daughters. She tells them that it's a sea mission and therefor their Believix powers won't work in water so they need the cursed transformation of Sirenix.
- Bright contacts Stella and asks her about the Sirenix book to which the blonde tells her that they have it but no longer need it since they already achieved the Sirenix transformation (by this time the Winx have the Sirenix but they are still fighting Tritannus, therefor Bloom has not asked her wish to break the curse of Sirenix).
- The Sweetix travel back to Alfea and the Winx give them the Sirenix book but warn them about the curse and the time they have to complete the quest.
- After managing to get the Key of Nature, the Sweetix agree to open the Sirenix Book and they are given the Harmonix power and the Guardians of Sirenix boxes. The Book tells them they will find different gems from those the Winx found: they will need to find the gems of Purity, Reliability and Kindness. Because Rosie is pregnant but still wants to participate in the quest of Sirenix, Talia puts a spell around the unborn child in order to protect it.
- The first gem is the Reliability gem and is found on Bright's homerealm ocean.
- The second gem is the Kindness gem and is found on Mari's homerealm ocean.
- The third and final gem is the Purity gem and is found on Rosie's homerealm ocean. (Note: We need to create three riddles about these gems)
- During an attack, the youngest of Poseidora's daughters , Nymph, is badly injured and is left behind by her sister, Aquadora. The Sweetix take in Nymph and help her. In return Nymph decides to help them defeating her sister and her mother.
- Final Battle: Poseidora tries to convince Nymph in joining her side again, after nearly being tempted, Nymph refuses and helps the Sweetix defeating her mother  and Aquadora, sending them to the Oblivion Dimension. Nymph becomes the new guardian of oceans.
- Sirenix wishes:
  • Bright wishes for the curse, placed upon her family, Stella's and Fira's families, to be broken;
  • Rosie wishes for her unborn son to be a true hero and to have a golden heart
  • Iris wishes for all nightmares and traumas to disappear
  • Mari wishes for the emotionless curse upon her older sister, Fabia, to be lifted
  • Hena wishes to be able to return to her homerealm without being scattered away
  • Roe wishes for....?
- Rosie gives birth to a baby boy, whom she and Alex name Adrian
- Party in Morpheus. Iris is sad because Daniel couldn't come for he is taking care of a few things back in Mirerith. The girls try to share her up but fail in the attempt. Iris leaves to her bedroom only to be surprised by Daniel who is in her balcony. Revealing that the things he has been taking care of are related to her, he proposes to her which she accepts.

:bulletpurple:Season 6:bulletpurple:

- A new enemy arises but is kept hidden in the shadows, he sends a mysterious girl with long dirty blonde hair to Fairy Hill to infiltrate.
- Welcome party at Fairy Hill for the last school year. The Sweetix meet Anna, the new girl in Fairy Hill and befriend her.
- Sharing their adventures with the new girl, Anna is fascinated by how strong the Sweetix have become among the years since they formed the group.
- Fairy Hill is attacked by shadow creatures who seem to be more ghost types because they don't have a physical body. Anna, who is an Enchantix level fairy, helps the Sweetix defeat the creatures but they fail and the creatures disappear.
- Talia tells the Sweetix that they need to find the transformation of Light in order to defeat the shadow creatures and whoever is controlling them. So she called the specialists and among them are two new people: Bright's cousin and Liam's younger sister, Gema, a fairy of gemstones, especialized in finding gems, something the Sweetix need to achieve the transformation.
- The Sweetix discover that each gem is on their respective homerealms and that they are protected by spirits and their riddles. The riddles are all related to the respective homerealms and only an inhabitant can answer the riddle.
- Anna and Gema rival each other for the attention of Bright's cousin. 
- Trip to Valent to find the piece of the jewel hidden in the planet; Rosie achieves Victoryx
- Trip to Gearzya to find the piece of the jewel hidden in the planet; Roe achieves Victoryx
- Trip to Morpheus to find the piece of the jewel hidden in the planet; Iris achieves Victoryx
- Trip to Nervaia to find the piece of the jewel hidden in the planet; Mari achieves Victoryx
- Trip to Kentren to find the piece of the jewel hidden in the planet; Hena achieves Victoryx
- Trip to Lucentis to find the piece of the jewel hidden in the planet; Bright achieves Victoryx
- Returns to the school, Anna welcomes them. The Victoryx fairies decide to pratice their new powers.
- New attack on Fairy Hill, now stronger the Sweetix are capable of defeating most of the shadow creatures.
- A trap is set and Bright is attacked, trying to defend her friend from the creatures, Iris is badly injured. Anna watches the whole thing without doing anything at all. Bright spots her and yells at her for help but Anna just escapes, leaving Bright shocked with her betrayal which leads to Iris being captured.
- Iris is brought to the villain's hideout and is taken to a ritual that removes the soul from the victim's body. Within a week if the soul does not return to the body, the person will die and the soul will be captured inside a bottle and never to be released again.
- Anna is not far away from Fairy Hill and thinks about her betrayal to the Sweetix and what lead to it: she worked all this time for the villain, being forced to follow his plans for he has her twin sister, Eilin, captured and is blackmailing Anna with her sister's life. Anna makes the decision to help the Sweetix get Iris back before it's too late.
- The Sweetix mourn the loss of their friend but want to get her back, the problem is that they don't know where the hideout is. Anna offers to help but gets glares in return, Bright accuses her of pretending to be their friend and then stabbing them on their backs when they most needed. Anna confesses that it's true but tells them why she did it. The Sweetix don't believe in her.
- Anna tells them that if they won't help her then she will get Iris back herself. At night, Bright receives a visit from Iris' spirit who tells her that they only have a week to return her soul to her body before she is lost for real.
- Bright tells the other Sweetix what she saw but they barely believe her until Iris' spirit shows up once again and repeats to them what she said to Bright. The girls then decide to find a way to the hideout but Iris tells them that the only way is to trust Anna, who is the only one who knows where the hideout is.
- The girls don't want to but end up seeing that Anna is truly the only way to reach Iris' body. They call the specialists for help but they don't trust Anna either and tell the girls that they will be ready for any other of 'betrayals'. Bright and Daniel are the ones who have the hardest time to trust Anna, the first because she saw Anna's betrayal with her own eyes and the second because he is Iris' fiancée.
- Anna leads the way to the villain's hideout and pretends to still be under his orders while the girls and the specialists try to reach Iris' body.
- Succefully managing to get the body, Anna, the Sweetix and the specialists escape from the hideout. Discovering later that what they need to bring Iris' soul back into her body is a spell of light, the Victoryx fairies join their strenght and create a convergence spell which succefully brings Iris' soul back into her body.
- Anna tells the Sweetix the story of her sister's kidnapping and how she pretends to get her back. Iris convinces the girls in trusting Anna again since she can be their only key to defeat the enemy, the girls slowly agree. Anna tells them about the Sutorium Book, a magical book that leads to the world of fairytales and the protagonists/heroes of every fairytale story, inside the book they can find things that will help them defeat the villain hidden in the shadows and also help them achieve a temporary transformation called Talix, the transformation of fairytales.
- Anna takes the girls inside the Sutorium Book where they meet the guardian of the portal, Alena and tells them what each one of them must do in order to get the transformation: once they enter the portal, each one will be taken a dimension where they are the protagonists/heroes of the story that is more similar to their lives or to a moment that marked their lives forever. They must handle every single  issue that happens to them and follow the story to the very end, no matter how tragic the end might be...if they back off, they will be neglected by the book, if they succeed, they will meet the real protagonist of the story that will give them something to help them in their fight. The girls agree with the terms and step inside the portal:
  • Iris faces the story of The Little Mermaid and achieves Talix. The Little Mermaid gives her a pearl that allows her to not just call her but every element of the story for a short time in the real world.
  • Roe faces the story of The Little Red Riding Hood and achieves Talix. The Little Red Riding Hood gives her a small basket that contains magic dust inside that allows her to not just call her but every element of the story for a short time in the real world.  
  • Bright faces the story of Cinderella and achieves Talix. Cinderella gives her a crystal pendant that allows her to not just call her but every element of the story for a short time in the real world.
  • Mari faces the story of Snow White and achieves Talix. Snow White gives her a crystal apple shaped flute that allows her to not just call her but every element of the story for a short time in the real world.
  • Hena faces the story of Alice in Wonderland and achieves Talix. Alice gives her a bottle and a cookie that used together allow her to not just call her but every element of the story for a short time in the real world.
  • Rosie faces the story of Sleeping Beauty and achieves Talix. The Sleeping Beauty gives her a small spindle that allows her to not just call her but every element of the story for a short time in the real world.
- Anna takes the girls again to the hideout of the villain and faces him, telling him that she no longer follows his orders. When threatened again with her sister's life, Anna says that she will save her no matter what.
- Final Battle: The Sweetix use the objects given to them by the fairytale characters to call for help and together they create a convergence spell that releases the hideout and everything the villain had attacked from the darkness and shadows.
- The Sweetix attend Iris' and  Daniel's wedding and coronation as the new King and Queen of Mirerith.

:bulletorange:Season 7:bulletorange:
Plot coming soon...

Iris (c) Me aka Eleanor-Devil
Rosie (c) Loveyraspberry
Bright (c) Andy-Dorinka
Mari (c) Kawaii-Xeno-Pup56
Roe (c) MCTrey
Hena (c) Celegal1

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